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Guitar Noise Reduction

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Hi guys,


I'm sure this subject have been covered before but I do need a good and quick reference for this.

I'm not a very good guitar player and I recorded myself and because of bad fretting I made some noise while playing which I'm trying to reduce.


Been using EQ options and NoiseGate but am not able to use them only on affected segments without creating discrepancies between segments thus it sounds even worse overall. Any help on how to address this?


Attached sound cloud audio file of the noise







P.S. rerecording is not an option since I don't have the time right now and as I mentioned I'm not that good and it's going to take me a while to do it right

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It's part of the note attack, pretty much impossible to get rid of.


You need to re-record it unfortunately.


What you can do is punch that section only with auto punch. Just enable it and paint the exact area on the ruler with the mouse.


Make sure you play the part before that exact moment, so that the punch sounds natural.

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