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iMac SSD PCIe self-install?

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I have finally upgraded my struggling 2009 Core Duo iMac to a used late 2012 27" iMac. I now need to install an SSD.


I'd like to preserve the internal HDD for storage, so plan to install the SSD on PCIe.


My budget won't stretch to having it professionally installed. I plan to do so myself, but the how-to tutorials I've seen are daunting... Basically having to remove the screen then remove virtually everything else to get to the SSD bay.


Although installing a SATA SSD would still involve removing the screen, at least there's little else that needs removing compared to the PCIe option.


I'm deciding whether to:


1) "Pull the belt in" and get PCIe SSD professionally installed;


2) Replace HDD with SATA SSD as it's somewhat less risky to install;


3) Install PCIe SSD myself. (My preferred option.)


Has anyone on the forum done this procedure themselves and if so how did it go?


Thank you!

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OK - in case this helps anyone else… I found a professional to install a PCIe SSD for me. Yes, technically you can do this yourself - all the instructions are available on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet. But the iMac screen is pretty difficult to remove and put back; and if you install a PCIe SSD card (rather than SATA) you basically have to remove virtually all the internal parts of the computer to get to it. If you're going to spend that much on a computer, maybe it's not worth the risk of damaging something unless you are very confident in your ability to do it yourself.
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