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loading rex files into the exs24


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i've read all the posts on this forum and still can't get this to work


i've downloaded/installed the shared library update from propellerhead


i've copied .rex .rx2 files from a cd rom sample disc to the hard drive


i've gone audio>import audio file and get the same error message "drums.rx2 what knd of file is this" - abort is the only option


i've downloaded davids 303-909.rex and i CAN drag that onto an audio track and hear it!


what is going on


the only reason i'm trying to get this to work - is i have this great tutorial DVD on logic from DMTS - and the guy shows how he brings a .rex file into the exs24, and then maps out the slices using the recycle convert>extract midi and make new inst..


i want to be able to do this and use my MPC pads to play the slices


can anyone give me some advice?


what's wrong with my .rex deal - or - is there a better way to achieve what i'm trying to do with the MPC


thanks as always

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