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"Deep Architecture" Error


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Hi Guys


What is this "Deep Architecture" Error about !?

I can't really figure it out....

the warning pops up after a while that a track has been recording

and it tells me to unpack the folders----and there are no folders to unpack!


has anybody met and solved the problem before?



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What a pain... try this:


Options > Song Information... then click "Reorganize Memory".


Also, make sure any file names (song name, audio file names, track names...) are not too long, and the folder architecture of where the song is saved is not too deep.


I mean, instead of saving the song as:


~/Documents/Logic Songs/Projects/June 2007/Fa Project/Music For Film/In Progress/Song1.lso






I'm not 100% sure that's what the message means, but worth a try. I remember solving that problem before, I just wish I remembered how.

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