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Doubt - Am I eligible for Logic 8 upgrade?


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Hi everybody,


I just wondering (and praying for a positive answer) if I would have the right to upgrade to Logic 8 - if this exists some time in the future :) -


I just upgrade from Express to Pro buying the upgrade box of Pro 7.2.


I hope Logic won't leave people in that situation out of the upgrade deal.


Somebody have an idea?


Thanks a bunch

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i'm sayin'..


I have paid about $1500 dollars for logic 7.2 because i went the upgrade.



Logic 5 Silver (Mac) ((Emagic sent me Logic 6 Silver 8) )), Logic Pro 6 (Mac), Logic 7 (Mac), Logic 7.1 (Mac), Logic 7.2 (Mac)

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Why would they leave you out?


Well, I don't know...

Sometimes I just expect crazy behaviors from this companies.



But thanks for the good news.


Now let's see what Apple have to show us this year or in 2008.



Well... I'll have to buy a new Mac for L8 anyway...


See ya

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