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How do i actually set up and record my hardware into Logic?


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Someone please help me with this, struggling at the moment and I just want to record my hardware into Logic Pro 9.


I have:


Novation Bass Station II,

Roland TB-3,

Roland TR-505.


They're all plugged into my Allen and Heath Zed 10 interface, which is the audio I/O for my iMac.


How do I actually set them up properly to be recorded into Logic? I want to record in the sounds i make when pressing keys and of course record in when I'm playing with distortion and filters and cut off and stuff on my synths.


Do open up an Audio track? When i do this, it records really quietly and i can hear the metronome recorded in as well.


or external MIDI? When i do this, sounds fine but, if im recording 2 different external midi tracks, i cant mute or solo one or the other, and it doesn't seem like i'm doing it right...


What do I actually have to do to properly set up and record all of my hardware into Logic.

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Just dug out my old Lexicon Alpha interface, plugged my bass station into Line 1, and TB3 into Line 2, opened 2 audio tracks, and recorded them both into Logic fine, and they played back fine....


Must have something to do with the Zed 10 mixer/interface that i have been using.... Had it connected the same way, into the single 1/4 line jacks, but just wasn't working properly for reason... Need to get some new cables for the Lexicon Alpha though, REALLY bad humming with the old split rca cables i was using. (using XLR to XLR with the zed 10 to my monitors, no option for that on lexicon).


Going to sell up the zed 10 and get a better audio interface with a nice amount of inputs for my hardware. Will get better cables to use my lexicon for now tho.


One thing, when i click on 'input' on the audio tracks in logic, i can only see 'input 1' and 'input 2', is that because logic detects that i only have a 2 INPUT interface? If i got a 4 I/O interface, would it give me the option for input '1-4' under the Audio Track?


So each instrument can have its own audio track, is that correct?


Because even with the Zed 10, which has 4 mono, and 2 stereo, it still only ever said 'input 1 or 2' under audio track



EDIT: An upgrade to the Lexicon interface that i have: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexicon-Omega-Home-Desktop-Recording-Studio-WITH-Cubase-/272055245889?hash=item3f57c19c41:g:DmUAAOSwI-BWQx2u


It has 4 line inputs, so thats the Bass station, tb3. 505, and spare line input 4 for another mono instrument that i may get, right? Can plug my monitors in via TRS.


Need to find the best interface that i need for my gear, forgive me, im not all clued up on this, so im not exactly sure what i do and dont need

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I'm not 100% sure but I think hat the A&H Zed has just one USB/STEREO audio interface for basic work. It's not a 10 I/O USB audio interface. It's rather a 10 channel analogue/live mixer.


from SOS magazine:

As the name suggests, the ZED10 FX is a 10‑channel mixer with onboard effects, but it also includes a stereo USB audio interface, capable of 24‑bit, 48kHz conversion, along with some useful routing options


So that's why you get only stereo I/O. And yes, with another interface you get more I/Os

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