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MIDI input UNRECOGNIZED practically overnight!!


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I was working on a session that used a few different MIDI instrument tracks, just some standard soft synths in Logic. After saving my session and going to sleep, I woke up the next morning, turned everything on, loaded my song, only to realize that I could no longer control or play ANYTHING from my MIDI keyboard!!


I tried turning things on and off in a number of different orders... I opened a brand new logic file and that works fine, no problems. Ultrabeat, mixer, everything is recognized just fine in a new song-- BUT NOT IN MY SONG THAT I SPENT HOURS ON!! I've read through the forums, and can't squash this for the life of me.


I have a fairly basic setup: 13" black MacBook w/ Student Logic Pro, Presonus Firepod, and an external hard drive (so Logic can run faster without tying up the internal). Help!

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