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Keyboard Shortcut Keys.


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Hey Guys,


I have just finished a Logic Pro 7 course and the instructor was showing us how the keyboard shortcut keys can save you time once you get used to them.


I then saw you get a sticker pack (http://www.editorskeys.com/logickeyboard.asp?currency=usd) with all the shortcuts on them but the keyboard buttons that the stickers correlate to on the sticker sheet seem different to the shortcuts the instructor showed us.


Does anyone have a list/picture of the shortcuts and their symbols that are assigned by default when first installing Logic as that is the way the PCs were set up on the course and I would like to keep it like that on my system.


Maybe one of you has used/is using editor keys pack and can say yay or nay to how effective they are or how I should set them up?


Thanks in advance,



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Editors keys are just stickers, so you can stick them on any key you'd like. Find one that has the correct icon for your shortcut and stick it on the key you've assigned to that shortcut.


In my opinion this can help in the beginning, or if various people use your rig without importing their own key commands.


After a while, the point of key commands should be that you don't even have to look at your keyboard. I mean, in your car, you don't label your gas pedal "gas" and your break pedal "break". You just know where they are, and you just drive. That's the point of key commands in my opinion.

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