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automation in event list [SOLVED]


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Hi, I did this by accident and now can't repeat it :D I want to be able to view the automation points I've drawn for volume, efx bypass, etc, in the event list window so I can tweak their positions and values. I have the track selected and I go to window>show event list and the automation doesn't show up. It did show up once while I was fiddling around and it's driving me nuts...

Thank you.


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There's an Event List specifically for track automation, the Automation Event List. The key command Control-Command-E should open it.


You can also show the automation events in the regular Event List by setting the Link to "Same Level" (View menu in the Event List), selecting some of the automation in the track, then double-clicking the background of the Tracks Area and finally double-clicking the track name that appears in the Event List.


I don't remember ever doing it this way, maybe there's another way.



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