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Vocoder in Logic?


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Hey everyone,


I did a search, but no luck so far, so I hope you can help me out.

I remember reading SOS march issue of this year, and Paul White was explaining that you could use some kind of vocoder in Logic Pro. I lost the magazine, and it is not available (free) yet at their website.


Does anyone know how I can use my Logic as a vocoder? I would like to use my Korg Triton as the controller for it, use a mic that is plugged in a Focusrite Octopre connected with adat to my RME Hammerfall DSP card in my G5.


I really like the idea of singing stuff myself, but then twisted. (like the song Rendez Vu by Basement Jaxx) See this link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DfXrPw38k6A





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Use the vocoder as the instrument (input field) on an Audio Instrument Channel Strip. Make sure you use a vocoder preset on the vocoder (not a synthesizer patch) - make sure 'signal' is set to 'voc'. Play that instrument with your keyboard, and set the sidechain to your vocal track.


That's pretty much it, it should work! If it doesn't, try other presets...

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