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Overlapping MIDI Record takes in cycle modes BUG

David Nahmani

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As you both know from my continued rants, the overlap recording prefs are a nightmare in my opinion, humble though it may be. The only workaround to get back to where I can actually record MIDI in a Logical fashion is to use "Replace" then restore lost data on the left (previous) that gets wiped by dragging the corner of that region. Unfortunately, lost data on the right cannot be restored.


Plus, it is impossible to do MIDI punch on the fly without losing data.


Here is my critique of each Overlapping record mode;


Create Take Folder; Hides things and makes editing cumbersome


Merge Recording- If you get an overlap, it's merged. When the "Replace" button is checked, if the performance is not right on the FIRST TAKE, whatever the new Merged Region (from previously recorded region with new overlapping recording) will disappear FOREVER if you hit Command Z causing loss of recorded data. Also, there is never any data overwritten, so this just adds, never replaces, even with the "REPLACE" button engaged.


Merge Current Recording Only-You can't replace part of a region. You end up with two overlapping regions that play at the same time. Same as above... never replaces offending takes.


Create Tracks- While it doesn't delete data, you end up with multiple regions and tracks that clutters up your arrange page with multiple tracks and regions all over the place. Also, never replaces, only adds data.


Create Tracks and Mute- Doesn't perform as advertised. It creates tracks (and mess). My experience is that it keeps both takes, but mutes the NEW take.. which makes no sense to me at all. I would expect the opposite, mute the old and play the new.


Replace- Will wipe ANY overlapping information within the previously recorded measure. If you play a pickup into the cycled area, you'll lose the measure before the cycle. You can't get it back with Command Z, but you can drag the right side to restore the data. HOWEVER, any part of a subsequent region that has been wiped (and it wipes the whole subsequent measure if there is any recording within that measure) cannot be restored. This behavior happens even when using "Auto Punch" to define the punch in area.... so the Auto Punch define is essentially useless in actually defining an exact recording area.

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I personally don't like this shortening of end of region and it destructively loses what was there.. Or the dragging of a midi region, and it truncates the next region..


Is there a switch which lets Logic work in the old way, of letting midi overlapping?


I often need to slide and move midi regions around,, I use to just move it up a track on top of something else, and then move to proper place.. Now I have to take the extra step of making new empty tracks to juggle things around.. This is a step backwards in my opinion.

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When choosing Record > Overlapping MIDI Recordings > Cycle > Create Take Folder, and pressing record, upon recording the 2nd takes and subsequent takes, you can hear the previous take as you record a new one.

I'm in the latest version (10.3.2) and I have the same problem. This BUG also happens with audio, make a test without using an external interface. I have already sent hundreds of requests to arrange this.

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