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Logic creates double midi events

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Is anyone else dealing with this? If playing a note at high velocity Logic creates two midi events for the note you play, one very short at 127 velocity and another at the actual duration you played it and slightly less velocity. This issue does not occur for any notes played at not high velocity.


Screenshot below, perc hits played hard and this is the result. Doubled notes on top of each other. And they cancel each other out sometimes during playback. Terrible. You have to go back and find the small notes and delete them one by one.


Thought it might be aftertouch from my controller so I disabled aftertouch but same result.


The issue started around Logic 10.2. Also using a new Kurzweil SP5-8 controller, but never had this issue with my Kurzweil PC2x so assuming it's not the controller.


Any thoughts appreciated.




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Thanks Eric.


Playing a single middle C very hard results in the double notes. Single stroke. As you see the two notes are different velocities, different duration, and different attack time.


So I guess it's the keyboard, but I've never heard of this specific issue, at super high velocity only causing this. i.e. this is not the fairly common issue of every note being doubled identically (time, duration, velocity) as a result of midi being exported from the controller on two separate midi channels or ports. This issue only occurs at REALLY high velocity. As in as hard as you can play.


Thanks for posting that helpful app, any further thoughts are greatly appreciated. have an email into Kurzweil as well, will see if that yields a response.


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Thanks Volov, the keyboard wasn't set up for any multi layers or velocity dependent zones. According to Kurzweil, the issue is the keybed in the SP5-8. When a key is struck very hard, the spring in the keyed can cause the a second erroneous attack at slightly lower velocity. It is a terrible design flaw and the recommendation is to not buy a SP5-8. Astonishing that Kurzweil would sell these units knowing of this defect. Anyway, if I can prevent anyone from buying a SP5-8 I've done my service.
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I am also using an SP5-8 and have the same problem.  I discussed this with both AM&S (their repair arm) and Kurzweil directly and was also told that this was endemic to the instrument itself and that taking it in for warranty repair would be a waste of my time.


They suggested I set my velocity higher so that I didn't need to play a note as hard for the same sound!  Jeez.


It's a good instrument with a good feel and good features, but I regret buying it now.


Kurzweil needs to do something about this.

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