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Auto set anchor points to highest transient of a sound?


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I may be over thinking things here... but...


In a program like Ableton Live it sets the warp marker (in essence the same as anchor point) to the highest peak of the sound or sample....this helps things sync/quantize perfectly on the grid...


Now in Logic (unless I am wrong, which of course is a possibility =)......It auto sets the anchor points to the start of the sound....which sometimes is not the highest peak. I know that you can manually move the anchor point.....but for lets say 20 sounds that's a lot of work.


Is there a way to automatically make it set the anchor points to the highest peak of the sound rather then the start of the sound?? Just to make everything quantize cleaner......lining up the 'start' of a bunch of sounds often doesn't even make the mix cleanly quantized...


Thanks again guys. Enjoy your days!

Logic Pro (10.5.1)

• Catalina (latest)

• iMac (3.6 ghz, 8-core i9, 128 gb ssd ram)

• Universal Audio Apollo Twin

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I remember  achieving this "auto anchor to transient" thing after applying Strip silence to a region (or remove silence, don't remember exactly the name of the function) 

After applying it, the resulting new regions were anchored to the highest transient, and it was very convenient for video or tempo sync, but now it does not happen anymore, I don't know if it is because of an update or because I changed some option without knowing. But would love to have it back if anyone knows how.

Jaume Llorens Sound Design


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