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When the automation of a track is visible, it would be great if we could just open the plugin or synth, click a parameter and it would automatically show up that automation lane, instead of going through the dropdown menu. What do you guys think? :) I already suggested that to Apple. It would save a lot of time when working with automation. If you like it, please suggest that as well:



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You can kind of do this already.

Set the Automation mode to Latch or Touch. Start the transport and click on the desired parameter.

That's a great workaround :) Thanks for the tip and I will for sure use it from now on.

I still think it would be good to do it without having to hit Play and that on each touch it wouldn't create a new automation lane or when it's already active it wouldn't create a new node. But, for now it works better than using the dropdown menu, for sure :P Thanks man!

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