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How to OutPut Sound and Listen in Logic?

Gareth Williams79

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Hi everybody, I might be being an absolute idiot here! But …


What do I need to do in Logic to output sound though a sound card (Apogee Duet) while still listening to it in the computer? If you set up the Audio Preferences so that Output Device set as “Duet USB” same as input, it outputs the sound from the sound card (to a tape deck in my case) but you can only listen to it in the Apogee head phone socket not the computer. Is there a way of outputting it and lessening to it in the computer?


Thanks for your help,


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Thanks Eric. I'll have a look at that tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I don't really badly need to do this as I can listen to it in the Duet if I have to but that means if I send tracks (from Logic) into Outputs 1 or 2 (instead of StereoOut) e.g guitar in Output 1, vocals Output 2, (into the tape deck tracks 1 and 2) the tracks appears in one ear in the Duet! This is a bit annoying! Thanks again for the help.
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