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Problems assigning a midi controller to the smart controls (when track is in a stack)


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Hi, I got some problems assigning a midi controller (tried the LPD8 and Maschine in midi mode) in Logic Pro X to the smart controls.

When go into learn mode and turn a knob it gets assigned, but it won't control the assigned smart control knob.

Before I assign the knob I see "midi in" activity in the status window, but after it's assigned, not.

When I turn the knob after I assigned it, and have the controller assignment window open, it will jump to the correct assignment.

I deleted all assignments before, so there's nothing else left that could conflict. I also tried deleting "com.apple.logic.pro.cs", like it was suggested in some forum posts.


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First, in case this helps (you, or someone else researching this topic), I wrote a complete article on that topic: https://www.logicprohelp.com/assign-midi-controller-knobs-plugin-logic-pro/


Now after you learn your external assignment, make sure your give your hardware knob a complete turn all the way to the left, then all the way to the right?

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I did read that article and worked after it, I believe... Just checked, and yes, I did it just like this.


I just tried turning the knob all the way to the left and right, while in learn mode. Makes no difference...


Maybe a Sierra problem? Although I find it unlikely...

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Drishti, the (very interesting) post you unearthed actually provides with 3 totally different workarounds:

* Jordi's (which actually hardwires the assignment to an exact track number, instead of "selected track")


However, here's a workaround:


-Make your assignment.

-Click the pencil next to the assignment or use the key command (Shift-Option-K) to open the controller Assignments window.

-Go to the Expert View, select the assignment and change the "Channel Strip" parameter from "Selected Track" to "Software Instrument" (assuming you're dealing with a software instrument track) and make sure the box to the right has the appropriate channel strip number.


After doing this you'll see the external assignment in the Smart Controls inspector change to "Unassigned", but this is another bug because the assignment will continue to work.


When you're done with your assignments you can create your Track Stack and the assignment won't be lost.


* Cello's (which involves only linking the midi controller to the summing stack bus' smart controls, and from there assign there summing bus' smart controls to specific parameters of a subtrack)


i just found another workaround:

after creating the stack, open the smart control panel in the main bus, then manually assign the control to the desired track's parameter. Now it should fetch midi from the controller again.

This technique can be handy to have controls over all your instruments inside a stack or map controls from different instruments to a single knob. icon_smile.gif


* Eric's (put the mixer in All view mode).


My workaround is to set the Mixer to All view.


That's all you need for the Controller Assignments to see them as selected channel strips.



Which exactly doesn't work for you? Controlling severtal plugins of a given track all at once  with one smart control should work in all 3 solutions (it's only a matter of mapping several parameters to the same smart control), and in case you would want to control various plugings across several subtracks in the stack, I would guess Cello's solution should work as well (again it's the matter of mapping the smart control to more than one parameter).

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All won't work for me. 

Jordis workaround doesn't work for me, because in a nearly finished project I'll have around 60-80 tracks. I don't want to change stuff arounf, just when I want to control another track.


Cellos workaround doesn't work.


Erics workaround also doesn't work.

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Hello friend, I am going to perform some tests this week to try to help. I am a user of MASCHINE + LOGIC, I would advise you to use your MASCHINE in MACKIE mode, has an interaction that works very nice. You can open your plugins control them through knobs, mute, solo, perform bus sends, finally Maschine in MACKIE mode inside the logic is very ok!
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