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i7 Dual core 2.9ghz Vs i7 Quad Core 2.2ghz

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Hi there,


I'm considering upgrading my macbook pro since I need to rely on it quite a lot live.

I  have

 macbook pro dual core i7 2.9ghz

with 8b ram and

1tb mechanical har drive.

 and came across  a second hand

macbook pro i7 2.2 ghz

with 16gb ram and

 256gb Flash drive storage.


I'm not sure how much advantages would I have over this one, I mean.. the processor I have in theory is faster. so not sure if this would be a noticeable step up or not really. also not sure how much of a difference h aving a flash drive will make. however.. 256gb wont really  go very far.. specially after installing logic and mainstage so I would have to upgrade the drive to a TB flash drive.. which is something i could do in the one I currently have...


Shed some light please?

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The 2.2 quad-core i7 destroys the 2.9 dual-core i7. Plain and simple.


I would also look into quad-core i7 15-inch MBP from 2012, because on those you can still change the HD and they're cheaper but still very powerful.

I switched mine with a 500 gig SSD and it's smoking fast!

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