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Logic Pro 9 all custom .aupresets GONE after Time Machine Backup

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Hi all, this is my first post on here and is my last resort for finding an answer.  


Last year my Macbook hard drive was on its last leg so i decided to upgrade it to a TB drive as Logic is mainly what I use my computer for and I needed the extra space.  I used time machine backup to backup my dying hard drive and everything went fine.  I did not restore Logic from the time machine back up, I installed it on the new 1TB hard drive using the original install discs.  Logic is really the only application I have on my computer that I care about and wanted it to be installed properly so I did it this way.  I am one of those people that don't update my computer (mainly because it is pointless, if it ain't broke don't fix it is my mentality), so my plan was to just transfer all the .dmg files of plug-ins for logic on to my new hard drive and basically reinstall them > this all was great, everything worked fine, everything is stable.


MY ISSUE:  Last night I thought to myself "I remember making tons of plug-in presets, where are those in my time machine backup?" - uhhh they aren't there...  I spent a good hour last night looking for my .aupreset files on my time machine backup.  I went to ~Library/audio/presets, (user)/library/audio/presets, tried looking for them in the Logic application support folder and even tried doing a search of .aupreset on my hard drive and NOTHING.  I even saved a random "test" preset to see where the preset is saved, went to the same location in my .backupdb and ALL the folders were empty... This is aggravating and makes no sense, I mean did they get "deleted" during the back up!?


Is there a chance that during the time machine backup all of my presets i made vanished?  Are they in some strange folder i cant access in a time machine back up?  Are they lost forever?  I made the presets using logic's interface (the drop down menu in the synth.  for example, i did not save the presets in massive's UI but rather saved the presets in logic's UI using the drop down menu where the "bypass" and "compare" buttons are within the window).  


If any one has any ideas I will be forever grateful, I have lost years worth of presets after a time machine backup and need some possible locations within the "backups.backupdb" folder.


Thanks a million


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I believe you are just looking in the wrong folders.

The default location for Logic's own plug-ins user presets is here:


~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-in Settings/[PLUG-IN]/.


The other location default location for 3rd party plug-ins is ~/Audio/Presets/[VENDOR]/[PLUG-IN]/.


Look if you can find the presets in those folders.

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Thank you for your response.  What does the "~" mean.  Is this the application support folder within the user library folder or the hard drive library folder?  If it is the hard drive library folder, how am I able to access that library within a time machine backup?  And if the plug-in folders are empty what does that mean? Should I be looking for a .cst file or an .aupreset file?



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