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Clean up doesn't clean up


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I wanted to clean up my project so I tried to use the command under "project management", I confirmed with the all three boxes selected, saved an closed the project. After that I had a look into my audio file folder and the unused files were still there.


I also created a new project, loaded a song and saved. Then deleted the song and selected clean up, it asked to confirm to remove the song file and I did it. Saved, closed. But... same story, the file was still present in the folder.


What am I missing?

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Open the browser, then select the project tab.

Under edit, hit the option labeled "select unused"

This will select all of your unused audio; but be

mindful if you're sharing that audio with another



Finally, hit edit, then delete.


Did that help?

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Thanks for your replies.


mqx: Yes that works. But after selecting the unused file I have to delete them via the audio file menu, otherwise it only removes them from the project browser.


Anyway, I wonder why the clean up command doesn't work properly. It would be a convenient way to clear all the unused file – not only audio – at once.

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Giò:It would be a convenient way to clear all the unused file – not only audio – at once.

There's no midi file folder, since deleted midi gets deleted the first time, so it would be redundant.

Midi files are part of the logic project file.

I was not speaking about MIDI, I meant backups and media browser files.  :wink:

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Have a look at this video link below.  I have a ton of projects that have little snippets of audio and yesterday spent some time learning about the Convert utility (to combine all the snippets into a single audio file) to clean up Audio Folder and also to clean up all the unused files as I had the same experience after using the Project Management cleanup with the audio files remaining . Ran across this video in my research and it may help with your quest for cleaning up projects.  Basically the same thing mqx says.  The video narrator explains the difference between deleting the files from your project only  vs. deleting the files from the project, AND, your audio folder at the same time.  Hope this helps.




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I think I've found the answer to this. See this video:



In short, you have to delete the files in Logic's file browser first, by in the file browser selecting Select Unused from Edit and then Delete to remove these ("bogus") references in Logic. After that the Clean Up in Project Management will delete the actual files. So, Logic doesn't consider a file unused until its reference have been deleted in the file browser.

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