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I/O error Result code = -36

DJ Leman

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Hello my fellow producers, sound engineers and others, 

i am getting the above mentioned error code in logic 8, after i moved my logic setup from my macbookpro to my iMac.

I have checked several forums but could not find any info regarding this error code.

The issue is this: I am getting this code always when i want to choose a preset for example in space designer, now i have checked already all my folders, impulse responses, plug in settings etc, and all files are there. 

The weird thing about it is that for example in space designer there are five main folders such as large spaces/medium spaces/small spaces and then the surround spaces and warped spaces. And if i want to choose a preset from surround spaces it works, but all the other folders the error message pops up.

The same in ESX24 and other logic plug ins….

If anyone can give me a hint how to fix this i would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance and a nice weekend, 


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hi thanks a lot for the reply, 

i've just did what you suggested, copied again the folder 'Logic' in Application Support and the folder 'Impulse Responses' in Audio.

But still when i want to open a preset in the drop down menu the error appears. I can manually load the presets.

Do i have to have a folder with presets in the system library? because i didn't find any there…

any other idea? 


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