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Alchemy in Logic Pro X - Velocities in ABCD Arpeggiators


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Has anyone noticed any unpredictable behaviour with note velocities in the Alchemy arpeggiators?


I’m making multi-voice Alchemy files, with different arp settings for all four available slots, so using the four A B C D arps, rather than the ALL arp, which arpeggiates the summed synth output (I think).


I find that velocity variations in the individual A B C D arps disappear at some point, leaving all notes that were even slightly above zero sounding at one, equal (to the ear) velocity, even though no changes have been made in the arp grids or panels.


Once this happens, no matter where I re-draw the velocity bar in the affected arp grid, that note is either “on” at the one level, or “off". (Tweaking the “velocity” knob in the arp panel has no audible effect.)


I don’t know precisely when/where in my programming this change takes place. When it does, I find that the only way to restore normal arp velocity function is to start programming again with a completely new Alchemy default file (one saw wave in slot A). I’ve started with a fresh Alchemy file several times, only to lose arp velocity variations after hours of work.


Anyone else have similar experiences?


Could this be to do with where in the A B C or D signal path the arps are inserted? (Where is that, btw?)


Could A B C D signal treatments be overpowering the effect of the respective arp velocities? (I have tried stripping the voices back to basics, with no joy.)

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