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Piano roll window freezes when using screensets


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I don't normally use short cuts and convenient buttons. I just go for the down to earth methods (crazy really). The other day I tried using screen sets.

First thing I tried was to create a set with a piano roll for a midi track (i.e. 1 is main window and 2 is piano roll). Simple enough? But no, when I switch to the piano roll I find that the horizontal scrolling does not work anymore. I can still work on (edit) what I see, but I cannot scroll sideways.


If I then manipulate the playhead to move sideways, then it will start to work again, but when I switch screens and back I have the same problem again, which defeats the whole point of the quickness of using the screen sets.


Anyone seen this problem? Easy to recreate: start with an empty project and create a SW Inst track. Create a screen set, 2, for the piano roll. Go to main window (1) and back again to 2. now you should not be able to scroll sideways.


Thanks for any feedback.

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