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software instruments - i bet this is a dingdong q???


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hey there smart people,

So I have a feeling there's a simple answer to this, but I'm not getting it. Why is it sometimes when I select software instruments, at the patch or set level, I get them "split" into their various levels ("delay", "reverb" "sum"), none of which have any full audio FX or sends, and I can ONLY choose one, but then other times when I pick a software instrument they all magically appear, plus the bus sends, on one channel strip, with no need to choose? Wot the hell am I missing? I can't figure out the pattern...

Cheers, and thanks in advance....

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Ok, so you have instrument (Plugin) presets, and channel strip presets.


A Channel strip preset will load the instruments and all associated plugins and busses, whereas an instrument preset will only be the instrument itself.


If you use the library view (The left sidebar) then you can change between channel strip selection, and instrument selection by clicking the small arrow/blue triangle that appears next to the Instrument plugin slots, or channel strip slots on the info view.





Green circle - Is how you open/close the library

Red circle - This is Channel Strip settings slot

Yellow circle - This is your instrument slot

Blue circle - This is the library

White Arrow - This is pointing to the blue triangle, you click here besides any of the slots to bring up the library contents for that slot, i.e. click besides the channel strip gives you entire channel strip presets, besides a reverb plugin gives you reverb presets, beside an instrument slot gives you instrument only (no busses/fx etc.) presets.


Additionally, when selecting Channel Strip presets (i.e. the self contained all-in-one settings for that track), you can adjust whether busses/audio units will be added by default by using the settings (The cog button) panel in the bottom left of the Library window.


I really hope that makes sense! lol


Edit: Just realised this is in the MainStage forum, sorry, thought it was Logic you were referring to, so you can probably disregard all i've put above!! :(

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Aggh and you went to all that trouble!! Thanks anyway. I wish it was as simple as Logic but unfortunately whether it's patch or channel strip it still seems to "split up" the instrument, forcing you to choose one aspect....
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