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Missing 'info.plist' file. Solution... sort of


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I recently ran into a problem where one of my Logic x projects wouldn't open and I had an error message saying ('information.plist' couldn't be opened because there is no such file). It turned out that when I right clicked on the project file>show package>resources, there was no info.plist file there as there are in all other projects.


I figured that if I copied and pasted a .plist from another project into here and changed the name in the .txt file, I would be able to open the project. I did this, and loe and behold, the project now works.


My question is (since I know very little about what these files actually do) is this a stable/ viable long term solution to the initial problem described? Or do I need to write a new info.plist file or something to that nature?


Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.



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