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Random gain spikes during audio playback


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Hey there,


I am recording vocals/trumpet through a twin interface and into the current version of Logic Pro X, and keep getting random MASSIVE spikes in volume when I am playing these audio tracks back. This problem happens intermittently, without any real consistency at all. I will simply be playing back a track that I just recorded at LOW gain level on my interface, and suddenly at a random time, the recording will spike up to 30 DB(!!!!!!!) and go back down whenever I press pause and then play again. What in the world is going on????



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Happening to me too - and it's HORRIBLE, especially when wearing in-ears/headphones. I'm in Logic Pro X 10.4.6. Intermittently on playback in a session, the gain will spike to a million and completely blast your ears off. Here's a screenshot of my mix window - check out the Stereo Out Track. My ears are ringing.




Tracking through a UA Apollo 8 Duo... and looks like the hot "signal" is coming through my violin 1 bus, which had a couple of tracks going into it record-enabled when this happened...


Help? You'll have to type a response because I can't hear anything anymore.

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