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LPX 10.3 is creating an alias from one midi device to another (10.1 did not)


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Hi all,

  I have an very annoying problem. I have two midi devices: Roland D50 on a mio USB devcie and an ESQ-1 on an M-AUDIO USB device. I want to create a project with two tracks: Alchemy controlled by the D50 on track 1 on MIDI Channel 1, ESQ with External MIDI Instrument on track 2, MIDI channel 2.

  In 10.1 this was a no-brainer. I did it 100 times. This is the first time I'm trying this with 10.3 and it's not working and I'm going out of my mind trying to figure out why because this should be easy.

  When I play the D50, it plays Alchemy and triggers the ESQ-1. When I play the ESQ-1, it plays itself (of course) and triggers Alchemy.


  EDIT: MidiMonitor shows that there's nothing strange going on outside of Logic. Each device shows its own individual events on the correct channels, so it's definitely something in Logic.


  EDIT2: I noticed using Logic's event monitor that the app does distinguish between MIDI channels 1 and 2, so why the ESQ-1 on ch. 2 is triggering Alchemy on ch. 1, I don't know.


  What seems to be happening is that the output from either device gets routed to the mio. I don't know why. If I record both tracks, track 1 gets the MIDI notes (from either device!) and track 2 is an alias. What the hell is LPX doing creating an alias? And another odd thing is that I put my MBP to sleep for a few seconds (hoping it would reset a driver) and when I opened the case, LPX said "The MIDI information from M-AUDIO was being routed to mio channel 1 which no longer exists. Would you like to disconnect the connection?". Again: WHAT? Why is the M-AUDIO sending data to the mio? I didn't tell LPX to do that, and this setup worked perfectly in 10.1.

  If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it. I've been researching this for almost two hours and I've gotten nowhere. I found how to create an alias, but nothing is telling my why one device would send data to another, or why a track would be an alias to begin with. 



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