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Error trying to save session


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Hi guys,


I posted this in the Pro Tools forum as it's an issue I've had with both Apps, wondering if anyone has had the same issue...??



Has anyone had issues trying to save sessions before?

Out of nowhere, every now and again, I'll try to save a session and it won't' let me. 

the error message I received yesterday was the following:


'Could not save "Daniel [Master]" because Invalid argument (22) while opening "pfvcXHJVfrgyFFMX".'


There was no way to save it at all and in the end, I had to quit out of Pro Tools without saving. 


I tried doing some 'first aid' on the HD to check things out - repairing permissions etc - and, at first, it couldn't' do it as it couldn't 'mount and unmount', suggesting there's maybe a HD problem. It's a good quality HD though and not that old.

I had the same thing happen on a session with Logic too...



Any thoughts?

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