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Weird timing issue with midi events


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Hey all, I'm pretty new to Logic X, and am coming from a background in Ableton. I'm sequencing drums via Piano Roll. I'm getting this weird thing, if I set the locator at the very beginning of a region with midi data, the first bar or so will be really out of time, almost all bunched together. Example:


I have a bar of 16th notes on the hihat that's at the beginning of a new region. When I start playing right from that point, those 16th notes play as some weird bunched up triplet sounding mess and then continue on as normal.


 If I go back a couple bars and play from there, when it reaches that spot, it sounds just like it should. I'm pulling out my hair here. I have drums starting out at the beginning at bar 1, and they sound all messed up. Anybody run into this? Thanks.

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