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Smart Controls and Track Stacks

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So after a lot of frustration I realised it was not just my setup and indeed Smart Controls on tracks inside a Track Stack do indeed stop working with external controllers.


I tried all the suggested workarounds and the only one that worked was changing the mapping to Software Instrument and assigning the Software Instrument number for that track.


However that is a non-starter for several reasons:


1. I am using a Mackie Control that has a Smart Control layer pre-mapped to Smart Controls 1-8 using Selected Track.


2. I have lots of Track Stacks as I use them to group instrument families eg Hollywood Strings containing Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass and the practicality of creating 100s of mappings to address every track in my template this way is (a) not feasible and (b) due to the flakiness of custom controller assignment storage too risky.


Seems that this "bug" has existed for 3-4 years. So maybe its not a "bug" but an intentional design feature, or fixing it is impossible without major software rewriting?


But the problem is deciding what to do. Separate the tracks back out and regain control or lose the ability to use Smart Controls?


I devised a way to automate Midi CC for things like Dynamics, Vibrato, Expression etc taking advantage of the Mackie Control Smart Control layer and by engaging fader flip am able to use the motorised faders to write CC data and have the faders follow the data. However it relies on a MidiFX script using automation to drive this and in turn Smart Controls to control this automation.


But Track Stacks and its issues prevents this.


Whats the likelihood this will ever get resolved and what do others do?

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