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Catastrophic Freeze Fail


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Ive been working on a project using about 20 instances of Spitfire Albion - been freezing tracks as I go - about 12 of them are on freeze. So far so good.


Now, Ive had this issue before but couldn't work out what it was - I opened the project on my laptop later on just to do some automation edits. So this was a remote setup - no sample library drives were connected so some of the instruments didn't load/werent found and others played from their frozen tracks. saved the project.


Now when I open again today if I unfreeze any tracks to edit them they wont play at all - the samples don't seem to be there. In each Kontakt window the Spitfire GUI is whited out and its almost like the sample library couldn't be found. Does anyone know what this issue is? Is it possible to press something like 'rediscover all instruments' or refresh the project or something.


It's like the project gets confused when it's forced to playback frozen tracks when samples from 'live' tracks are no longer present - then when it's saved at this point it craps everything out completely.now every virtual instrument in all kontakt instances are whited out and won't play.


The only way I found to fix this was to remove and reload each specific instrument in which case all GUI settings and intricate instrument settings are lost!


Help please!?

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