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Am I missing something or is there a bug?


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I've been using Logic 10.3.1 for a few days now.   2 or 3 times in about 14 hours..  I cannot highlight a bunch of notes in piano roll editor.  I box them, they don't get highlighted, instead a new note is added like I was using the pencil tool.  (I"m not).. Sometimes these unwanted added notes are adjacent to where I'm working other times, they are a few bars later, or inserted an octave or so transported higher then my tool (not always the same transport value)..  In fact it is any tool I select to use, Mute, text, eraser.. If I select a note, a new not is created at the end of the current notes. (like it is stuck in 16th note step add)..  I see mention of 'duplicate note add in new features, but did not find an explanation of it.. am I stuck in that mode?


 It seems to get stuck like this for 1 or more minutes.. Sometimes it, goes back to proper working, other times I have to quit Logic and restart.. 


Any ideas?.... thanx..

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