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How to go from Logic 9 to Logic X ?


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due to health issues I was out of commission for a long time and had no interest in updating my system. Now I'm ready but I don't know where to start.

I'm still on Logic 9.1.8 on a Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26GHz (early 2009) / OS 10.8.5 but I want to upgrade to Logic X.  I know I have to update my Mac OS first but I don't know what the most stable OS would be. My questions are:


1)  Which OS should I install ?

2)  Can my Mac Model (early 2009) handle an upgrade ?

2)  Can I still use Logic 9 at least for an adjustment period once Logic X is installed ?


Thank you!

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Remember that Apple only lets you upgrade to Sierra from the App Store.

I use El Capitan (10.11.6) and it's rock solid. Not too fond of Sierra. Buggy.

If you want to install another OSX version, you need the actual installer. Apple doesn't provide older installers anymore.

They only provide one El Captian installer on iTunes for Snow Leopard users:


Upgrade to OS X El Capitan - Apple Support


Your mac pro should work fine.

Yes, you can keep using Logic 9 alongside Logic X.

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Just very successfully did the same as you want to do.

Firstly, back up all of your files and make a disk image of your current system.

You can buy the installers for El Capitan on sites like this OS X rollbacks

I can run Logic 9.1.8 and Logic X (10.3.1) on El Cap (only so that I can continue to work in LP9 until I've mastered LPX)

(Incidentally, I tried to install El Cap from the Apple website but it wouldn't let me - I can only assume because my Mac Mini is capable of running Sierra, Apple are pushing me in that direction)

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I finally took the plunge and installed El Capitan and Logic X on my machine.  I'm playing with it for two days now and I'm a happy camper :)  Everything works perfectly. The switch from LP9 to LP10 isn't too much of a change for me since I'm working with Logic since the days when it was called Creator/Notator.  It is amazing how far this software has come. I love all the new features I've discovered so far and I can see that there is much more to discover.


Thanks for your help guys!

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