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Need to fix - Vocal from right earphone only


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Hi everyone, I have recorded a vocal and it is only playing from the right earphone.  I must have made a mistake on the m-audio box I am using (there is the option to click Mono and 48k but I was not sure).


Is there any way to fix this in Logic Pro?  I have tried to copy and paste the track and pan one to the left and one to the right, but it is still only coming out of the right earphone.


Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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I believe you may have recorded your vocals to a stereo track by mistake.


Can you post a screenshot?


One thing to try: click-hold the small button with two interleaved circles at the top left of your channel strip and choose "Left". Try this also by choosing "Right". One of them should give you a centered mono signal?

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