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Problem with adding .mp3 files to projects stored on external hard drive


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Hey all,

So I recently decided to move my Logic Pro X (10.3.1) projects to an external hard drive to optimize space on my laptop and started running into this weird issue/bug where whenever I try to add mp3 files to a project stored on the external drive, Logic will fail to do so and give me the attached error message. 1767974061_ScreenShot2017-05-19at3_21_39PM.png.4fd4f9213963151396fc99fd3f733c37.png I imagine it's attempting to convert the file to .aif so it can be stored in the project file itself, but I don't know why it's giving the error. Also, note that this problem is quite universal. Whether I am trying to import audio, drag in audio, or add audio using the pop-up menu I encounter this problem. Also, I have tried directly storing projects on my external HD and using a symbolic link leading to the HD that took the place of the original logic folder. Neither worked. At this point, I'm planning on simply moving older projects over to the HD and keeping all WIPs on my laptop but I would really appreciate any advice/answers on what's going on.


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