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BUG: "Convert to new audio file" ignores fades and crossfades


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BUG: "Convert to new audio file" cuts off (does not include in the newly created audio file) the "extra" parts of the file, which are necessary for fades and crossfades to work. 



1. Create a simple crossfade between two regions. 

2. Select both regions and click "convert to new audio file".

3. Newly created audio files end/begin exactly with the region, but they should be "expandable" to where the actual fade ends / begins. 


If this is expected behavior, I think it should be changed :) 



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Hello, thanks for the suggestion. 


1. In a project with 125 tracks, BiP is not practical. 

2. If you have a 10 minute project, with some tracks containing a short region only at the beginning and a short region at the end, BiP creates an audio file spanning the entire 10 minutes. Kind of defeats the "cleanup" purpose. And BiP-ing each individual region is out of the question. 

3. BiP creates a new file, in a new track. The user would have to manually "return" the regions to the source tracks. 


A better workaround (IF THE USER IS AWARE OF THE ISSUE) is to manually join any regions which are crossfaded, and then use "convert to new audio files" normally. 


Anyway, my opinion is (if this is intended, and not a bug) that nothing would be taken away from the intention/functionality of this feature if the "convert to new audio file" process just included the part of the file necessary for normal crossfade operation


Thanks for the help. Cheers! 

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Go into audio bin and select "optimize files" to trim used material to only whats in use. 

Preserve as much as length as needed for your crossfades, and thats pretty much it.


It's the most unintrusive and straightforward way. While you're there, you can also "remove unused files" and then do a "Project Cleanup"

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