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Quantize percentage of region

L Hall

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I'm still getting used to LX.


On L9, I could define in a region what percentage any quantize applied to that region might be.  Keep in mind, I never set a region to quantize as I record, I like to do any quantize in the piano roll editor on an "as-needed" basis.  But in LX, the quantize percentage value isn't accessible unless quantize is turned on.  


In the piano roll editor, there is a slider for Q percentage.  But the "Q" button on the Time Quantize(classic) box doesn't function the same as my key command.  When I use my key command for quantize, it quantizes everything to 100%, while the "Q" button quantizes it to the selected percentage.  


So I guess I'm asking is there a way to make a key command function the same as the "Q" button in the Time Quantize (classic) section of the piano roll editor?

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  1. Click the background of the Tracks area so that no regions are selected. 
  2. In the MIDI Thru Region inspector, choose a Quantize value.
  3. Adjust your Q-Strength value.
  4. Set Quantize to Off.


From now on any region you create or record will have Quantize off but Q-Strength set to 75%.



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