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exported song sounds different from Logic project


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I've been working on a project – when I export it as an AIFF (or WAV or mp3) it sounds different from the Logic project version.

It's a fairly long ambient piece (>10 mins), and it has quite a lot of reverb and echo. Nearly all tracks are real instruments. When I listen in Logic it sounds good, but in the exported version, a hum starts to build up around the half-way mark, which gets louder and louder, until by the end it pretty much drowns out everything else. I suspect it's to do with the reverb and echo, and have tried exporting a version with certain tracks muted, but it doesn't make a difference.

What I don't understand is why it sounds good when I'm listening back in the project, but the exported version is unlistenable. (I'm not a pro and I guess there's a logical explanation – would just like to know what it is.)

Thanks in advance,


(I'm working in Logic Pro 10.3, in OS X 10.11.16)

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Ah, thanks a lot for the tip, Eric. I listened while it was exporting and the sound is there too. I've noticed that it's slightly left of centre, so I'll try muting different instruments on the left channel and see what happens. Thanks for putting me on the trail!
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