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Drum Kit Designer issues


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I’m using an electronic drum kit as a midi controller. I have no problems when using Ultrabeat or Drum Machine Designer. I can use any kit and record with no problem. However, when I use Drum Kit Designer or the EXS24 kits the sound and monitor signal drops out after about 10-12 seconds. If I click on a different track then back to that one, I can once again hear the drums and record but again for only about 10-12 seconds. I can record a 3 minute track with Ultrabeat with no issues, but then afterwards when I switch that track to a Drum Kit Designer kit for playback the sound will drop out after about 12 seconds. If I stop and start the track, it will play but drop out again. I've tried the different midi mapping options in Drum Kit Designer, it had no affect. I've used a different electronic drum kit and had no problems with Drum Kit Designer or EXS24. The kit I'm using is a Carlsbro CSD130. Any help is appreciated.
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