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Touch OSC to sync to Logic Pro tracks selected...


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I use Touch OSC for my keyswitch/UACC layouts. I would like to set it up where every time I select a track in Logic Pro X, the corresponding instruments layout automatically opens on my iPad with Touch OSC. Touch OSC support suggested I set an outgoing OSC value from Logic and giving each page/layout in Touch OSC an OSC value to correspond. I'm pretty much lost as to how to set this up, if it's even possible. I know my Lemur friends have done something like this, but since i'm already set up in Touch OSC, it would be great to not have to switch to Lemur for now.

Thanks for any help.


(I did download an app on my computer called OSCulator, but I don't know much about it and if it is even valid for the task i'm looking to set up)

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