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Favorite plugins


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Hi all, and thanks again for a great forum. First, I want to say that I found a good deal on a mint late 2015 27" iMac, i7, 32 gb, 4.0 - 4..2 ghz turbo, and a 512 SSD. I just got it in today and love it.


And I'm loving Logic more and more also. I'm still tinkering, but I know a lot of you have spent tons of hours on this, so I hope you won't mind sharing some of your knowledge about plugins. I am hoping that some of you will share the name of your favorite Reverb and EQ for rock guitar, rock bass, and rock drum loops. I've found several but am still interested to see if there is anything close to "standards" among Logic users.


Also, since I'll be transferring a lot of files over to use in Logic, can I apply my favorite EQ from another program, such as Pro Tools or SONAR? Can I save the track with all the Reverb, EQ, and other plugins I want, get the sound right, and save the whole thing as a wav and import it to Logic?


Thanks again, and I'm hoping to get some suggestions on some of Logic's favorite plugins.



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In no particular order:


Channel EQ – Great EQ for carving out the gunk. Linear EQ for hi-passing multimic drums to avoid phase rotation.


Compressor – Fantastic models that are subtle enough to achieve higher compression without audible pumping. Use the Make-Up Gain knob to drive the compressor for saturation. compensate for the level boost with the Output Gain.


Enveloper – Love using Enveloper for eliminating unruly sustain on individual drums.


Match EQ

  • Load up three instances.
  • Load your current mix through the Current section of each. 
  • Drag and drop a different reference in each Reference section. 
  • Match.

The result is a spectral analysis of your mix compared to each reference track. Any glaring similarities between the three curves that boosts or cuts by 10+ dB is an opportunity to fix in your mix. Nothing crazy? You're in good shape.

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As I'm getting more and more used to Logic I'm finding something new to be impressed with every day. For the last couple of days I've been looking through the plugins, and I'm very impressed. I had no idea Logic had some so far.


The two programs I've had the most experience with are Pro Tools and Sonar. I love the Sonar plugins and am sure I'll miss them. But Logic Pro seems to have plenty of quality plugins to more than compensate.


Thanks guys for all the suggestions and information.


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