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Limited Transformer Sends Based on Target


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Lost session time. Such nonsense. 


Note the series of transformers, in this case replicating a CC7 channel 1 to channels 11 through 14. Follow the monitor at the lower right. Without any target, the fader bang sends everything. Assigned to the Realivox channel strip, it sends correctly. For whatever reason, sending to VSL Basses limits the output of the transform chain to only two of the four transformations (channels 11 and 12 only). 


Unseen in this movie: if I cabled this chain to Instrument 1, only Channel 11 is sent. Starting at Instrument 2, channel 11 and 12 make it. 



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So weird: how could a destination affect what a source sends??? Doesn't seem to make any sense. 


I would try another transformer after the monitor, for example that changes the MIDI channel of the events, then yet another transformer that gives them back their original MIDI channel. Or, if that fails, you could even try using a Delay object set to one tick. See if those 'hacks' help in any way? They've helped me in similar situations. 

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Thanks David. I tried your suggestions without success, but it's good to have them in my toolbox. 


I now understand what causes this, though the fix is less certain. When this Environment chain is cabled to a stand-alone channel strip -- that is, a channel strip not cabled to other objects, as in "Realivox -- all transformed CC's are sent. But when this same chain is cabled to a channel strip that is further cabled to a whole, whole lot of other Environment objects (on a separate layer, off-screen, not shown), only two of the transformed CC's are sent. 


What is remarkable here, as you mentioned, is that the monitor seems to be "backward-aware." I have verified that indeed, when further cabled down the line, a channel strip does not *receive* any more CC's that what the monitor says is being sent.  When I remove the channel strip's cable from any more objects (so that it's the end of the MIDI signal line), then the instrument (a VSL instance) receives all transformed data. In other words, the Environment monitor object is right all the time. 


You can track this behavior in the attached movie. Again, the destination layer is not seen -- just know there are hundreds of objects being driven by the channel strip's MIDI cable. In the movie, I show that putting a filter transformer to remove the CC7's also corrects the problem. The chain continues on to the same off-screen layer, and the monitor shows that everything's getting through. It's a feasible work-around, because the CC7's have done their job in the channel strip, and what lies ahead on the other Environment layers do not need the CC7 messages. 


What is less certain is why and how the unseen layer causes this kind of back-pressure and retrograde effect on how many transformed CC7's get through. I know Environment has its limits regarding the number of objects allowed. Also, in still other cabled layers, there are a lot of text objects, which have been a bit iffy en masse in some Logic iterations. 



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