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Stronger metronome

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Hey guys! :)


One thing I always felt could be a little bit more audible is the metronome/click. The few times I worked with Ableton I felt it was a good sounding metronome/click so I tried to achieve the same type and been using it for a few years now. I decided to share it with you all.


Download the preset below (step 3) and then follow the steps:

1 - Open your mixer and make sure you click ALL at the top so you can see all channel strips, including the one that says Click



2 - Load the EFM1 plugin, replacing the default Klopfgeist

3 - Load the preset you downloaded

3ple - Metronome.pst.zip


4 - Go to Project Settings (File > Project Settings > Metronome) and copy the settings below and you're good to go! Disabling polyphonic clicks allows you to hear the accentuated 1st beat.




Remember that this is a setting that is only applied to that project so if you have different templates and want to use this new metronome/click, you will have to update them all.


Hope you enjoy it! :)

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