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Slate Raven MTi2 with Logic

Digital Postman

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Does anyone have experience with this combination? I was thinking of picking up an MTi2, but it's hard to find detailed accounts from users. I'm curious about how it performs in a multi-monitor setup, how it deals with mixing in 5.1, and whether the Logic front end is a well developed as the one for Pro Tools. Also, how is the support from Slate?
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I got the MTi2 recently. I was on a 2017 mac Mini when I got it. It worked great from a touch perspective but whenever running the Raven software, after about 20 minutes I would get a ton of white noise and static when tracking. I had a great opportunity to upgrade to a Mac Pro (black trash can) for literally peanuts so I hopped on it. No more issues.


I love the MTi2, but I am still having a hard time remembering I don't NEED my mouse anymore.


I use it on a dual monitor setup and it is a breeze. I did have Slate Support help me set it up when they were trying to troubleshoot the static/noise issue. Now when I hit my Arragne button on the Raven the tracks pop up on my main monitor and when I hit Mix, they go to the secondary monitor and the mixer comes up on the main.


Unfortunately i can not speak to the 5.1 question.


Here's my setup:


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