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Audio/Midi sharing a region.


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Surely impossible?

Could midi-waves replace sound-waves?

Should I file for a patent?


Played in via Korg Kronos. It's definitely an stereo audio file, and plays back fine.

Just one more of a series of problems with Logic 10.3.1 on OS X

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I love it. :)

Can you confirm this in 10.3.2 too. 

Thanks for chiming in, fellas!

Apologies for the delay – been on an 800 mile hike (no computers... woo-hoo!).


Eric: I received the 10.3.2 update alert whilst away, and am in two minds about whether or not to upgrade, for all the usual reasons (half-way through a proiject / switching current bugs for new ones, etc). I'll make a Carbon Clone, try it out, and get back soon.


Sambosun: Curiously, I do in fact have a copy of Studio One, as well as Harrison Mixbus and ProTools; though I've had no cause to use the former two within projects.

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I cloned the iMac onto a Macbook Pro 17" (5,2), and the glitch hasn't reappeared. Then again I guess it could be related to the graphics card on iMac, or some plugin or another. I'm loathed to update the iMac to Sierra as there seem to be a lot of unhappy peeps out there still. "If it 'ain't broke..." etc.
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I've posted here rather than open a new thread.


Back again on 10.4.4. Not so psychedelic this time, but it's the ol' trippy graphics drawing bug. The original file remains (apparently) unaffected: As demonstrated in the Gif, if I delete the pretender and import the original file it points to, all is well. Seems to have carried over from 10.3.1. Anyone else?


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