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Script to set Velocity and CC1 values

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I have a sample library that uses a combination of Modwheel (CC1) position and Velocity to choose articulations. I am using a MidiFX Script called ArtzID that lets me select Keyswitches, UACC or Midi Channels using the Articulation ID parameter in Logic.


Basically it routes incoming notes to the appropriate articulation by triggering them using a script that translates the ID info to whatever trigger method the library uses.


However at the moment there is no provision to do this with libraries that uses Velocity or CC1 to select articulations.


I devised a way to set Mod Wheel by modifying a script they provided to send a value based on the incoming Articulation ID (it was originally intended to remap UACC keyswitches). It works fine. But I tried adding velocity to this script by adapting the factory one.


For obvious reasons I cannot post it here, but wondered if anyone had a generic velocity modifier that I could incorporate into the script as the factory one is a one-off menu and I need to apply it for each mapping?

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