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Latency in 10.3.1


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I haven't open Logic in a while, but felt the urge today. 


I'm pretty sure that my Logic version has been updated since I used it last (now running 10.3.1).


But when I use my midi keyboard to play with any software synth. There is an awful delay (latency) from me hitting the keys to the sound appearing. 


I can see the KEY updating in the top information area quick enough. So Logic is clearly registering the actual input quick enough. But the sound is delayed. 


Now before you tell me "disable heavy plugins", this is on a completely NEW project, with just this one soft synth (and I've tried the simple built in FM synth as well. Can't see that being CPU hungry thing...)


Same result and same delay as the Nexus synth.


No other FXs are enabled (and only that one track).


While this has not been necessary before, I've even tried using the "low latency" mode. However this doesn't help anything. Also going from no latency to suddenly having one in a new project, seems to me more like something new has been introduced (won't go as long as calling it a bug, but probably some configuration issue).


Right now I'm simply using the built in audio in my MacBook Pro (as I'm not recording anything external and like to not have a bulky interface with my all the time :)). 


So what can I do? It's not really possible for me to use Logic if I have to wait something like 100ms from input to sound.



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Found the mistake... Embarrassing, but thought I would leave it here for people like myself... :)


I was using a Bluetooth headset.... Apparently there is a short delay :D


Lesson learned... Logic still rocks... 

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