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Weird Environment needs help :)


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Hi everyone:)

Here is my question... Do you know a way to "program" an environnement as captured above?

I would like to control 4 groups of 6+1 busses. As shown in ex#1, clicking CAR1 button mutes or low the level from CAR2 to CAR6 to 0.

LOS2 mute/low faders LOS1, LOS3 to LOS5 and so on...


ex#2 and ex#3 are only there for my understanding, Sure you know now what I meant :)



Any precious idea to make it work? Maybe you have a better approach to my needs?

I do not have preferences between mutes and low faders, just need it to work :)

Thank you so much beforehand and sorry for my frenglish

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