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Put samples in Electronic Drum Kit, kit pieces?


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What up, what up, what up fam?


So, I recently discovered you can change samples within the drummer, which is pretty sweet, but I want to take my whole huge sample library from somewhere else and have it appear in the sound library within logic, specifically in the "Electronic Drum Kit > Drum Machine Designer > Kit Pieces" folder. 


I found the folder in the Library>Application Support> blah blah blah > patches folder but I noticed that they're not audio files, there "Patch" files. I put the flder alias with all my kick samples within the "kick" folder to see if maybe it would work, but to no avail, since they're not patch files. I refreshed the library, rebooted logic, but to still not avail. Is there a way for me to get other samples to use within the drum machine designer, having them appear in logics sound library? Thanks guys!

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