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LPX 10.3.2 - Dragging start of audio region causes immediate crash


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Dragging the start (front) of an audio file region in arrange causes full immediate crash. It does not hang, Logic simply disappears from the screen.


Steps to Reproduce:

Place an audio file in the arrange page, or record one directly. Slice the audio anywhere, delete the first region and try changing the position of the beginning of the remaining region and Logic will crash immediately.


Please confirm, thanks.

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The same here on 10.3.2 does not happen on 10.3.1.

I don't use Kontakt or  Ensemble pro 6.

changing the length from the right hand side is no problem but as soon as you move the left edge of the region Logic disappears. The same with midi regions or folders.

A workaround for audio regions is to open the audio editor and change the start point there. This doesn't cause crashes on my system.


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