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Best way to see pitch of samples?

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What does everyone use to see the most "accurate" pitch readout of any sample?

I use voxengo curve eq... and point at the peak of a sample to see the pitch readout... but it depends on where I place my cursor and could be off by a little.

Looking for something that stands out from the rest.



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There is no exact solution for that. It highly depends on the source. For example drum sounds, often change pitch. 


In a lot of situations, I just use Logic's plugin Tuner. The result depends highly on the source. 

Or you can try Flex Pitch to detect the note. Also this depends on the source, it won't always work.


Generally I recommend to not go nuts about it. If you're off just a little, probably it won't hurt. Tweak by ear until it sounds right, then no need to go scientific about micro values of the pitch. For example, the pitch of my analog synths drift and fluctuate +- 5 to 7 Hz (tuned at 440Hz, with the tuner). They are not fixed, which is normal for analog voltage controlled oscillators. Guess what, they still sound phat :D 


Trust your ear, not any graphs ;)

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